Virtual Research Workshop

Virtual Research Workshop

Medieval Preacher

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers Virtual Research Workshop: Call for Proposals

The International Medieval Sermon Studies Society (IMSSS) promotes and fosters the study of medieval sermons and preaching in Latin and vernacular languages within their social, literary, religious, intellectual, theological, catechetical, political, and historical contexts.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in lost opportunities for lively discussion of research projects that are often vital to the progress of early career scholars. In light of this, IMSSS seeks to provide a forum for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to receive input on their projects from peers and senior scholars in a virtual format.

We invite current PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to submit proposals for the first IMSSS Virtual Research Workshop.

 The purpose of the Workshop is two-fold:

  • to assist PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in developing and improving their research projects
  • to assist PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in building an international network of fellow students and renowned faculty

Early career scholars will have the opportunity to present their current research projects – or any aspects related to preaching – for discussion by their colleagues and senior faculty. One or two designated respondents, chosen for their topical expertise, will provide initial feedback and questions for further consideration. Open discussion will follow.

We invite proposals in two different categories: 

  • Thesis Proposals: appropriate for advanced PhD students who have decided on a thesis topic and desire feedback on their proposals and broader ideas for their continuing work.
  • Research Papers: appropriate for those with projects at any stage toward completion, from initial conception to completed studies. 

Candidates interested in attending and presenting their research should submit a brief statement of interest by November 30, 2020 to the Secretary of the Society: Jessalynn Bird ( [email protected])

This statement should contain:

  • name
  • affiliation
  • name(s) of advisor(s)
  • project title
  • brief project description (250 words)
  • indication of current level of completion of degree and/or project

After receiving the proposals, we plan to organize two virtual workshops, tentatively in January and March. Those chosen to participate will be asked to send a more substantial project description to the designated responder(s) at least 2 weeks prior to the event.